My name is Ting Li. I come from China. I am a visiting PhD student at the University of Birmingham from October 2018 to October 2019.

During this year, I lived at Wesley International House. I lived in a 3-bedroom flat for ladies. This flat is very fantastic. When I just came here, I was so surprised that most of the stuff I need for living has been provided by BISH. They provided all of the stuff in the kitchen, like the plates, the pan, the knife, the kettle, and everything you can imagine. Also, the pillow, sheet, and quilt in bedrooms are also provided. Most importantly, it is so lovely that the staff from BISH will clean our flat and bedrooms every week. My flatmates are also very kind and considerate. Some of them just lived here for several months, and new people will come so that I can meet many friends from all over the world (Ethiopia, Austria, Finland, Hungary, and so on). Also, all of the staff here are really really kind. Whenever we meet a problem in our flat, we just need to send an email to the staff, and they will solve it perfectly and efficiently. Big thanks to everyone I met from BISH. I love this accommodation.