My name is Noriko and I am from Japan. My husband David is doing a PhD at the University of Birmingham and we have been living at Asbury Overseas House with our 2 boys aged 9 and 6 since October 2018.

It was easy for us to settle. Staff are always around to help. Anita helped me to look for a school for the boys and Errol carries out any repairs that are needed. Paul, Chris & Gemma organise various parties for us residents where we can meet our neighbours and eat many kinds of different dishes from around the world. It is a wonderful cultural experience. The best thing has been meeting other families who live at Asbury. The house has a nice garden and my children often go out to play with the other kids after school. They now have friends from all over the world; Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Spain, The Virgin Islands, Malaysia, Syria, South Korea and China. Asbury is such a global place and provides a wonderful experience. All the residents help each other a lot. They are my Asbury family and we are very happy to stay here!