Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, which might help you. Should you have any specific questions that are not listed here please contact us and we will email you back.

How far is the accommodation from the university?

Asbury House 20 minutes and Wesley House 10 minutes walk to Birmingham University main campus

How far is the accommodation from supermarkets/train station etc?

Asbury House by walking 10 minutes to Sainsbury's supermarket and 20 minutes to Aldi. Wesley House by walking 10 minutes to Tesco Mini Market, 12 minutes to Aldi and 25 minutes to Sainsbury's supermarket.        20 minutes walk to the Train station from both houses

How many people live in the houses and where do they come from?

We have 21 flats and 27 rooms in Asbury and 53 rooms in Wesley. On average they come from 20 countries which could be from all over the world

As part of the Methodist Church, do you only offer accommodation to Christians?

No, BISH provides accommodation to people of all faith

How long is my contract for?

No fixed contract. Please speak to us about your stay

What does the rent include?

Your rent covers your room, electricity (excluding flats), heating, water and cooking facilities. Laundry facilities. We provide plates, glass, mug, knife, fork and spoon. And at Asbury House a set of kitchen utensils, which includes frying pan, saucepan and lid.

What social activities are there?

There is a Welcome Party, Christmas Party, BBQ's in the summer and International Meals

Is my room cleaned?

The kitchen and other public rooms are cleaned daily apart from the weekends. In Wesley House rooms are cleaned every week on the same day as well as the bed linen, in Asbury House residents clean their own rooms.

What furniture is there in the room?

The rooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, drawers, desk and chair(s).

Do you have any sporting facilities?

We have a table tennis, a pool table and a tennis court at Wesley.